Quaker Minutes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland: 1676-1779

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Quaker Minutes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland: 1676-1779 - F. Edward Wright. An important supplement to the Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records series. These abstracts of genealogical interest were taken from the minutes (men’s) of Third Haven Monthly Meeting (centered in Talbot County) and Cecil Monthly Meeting (centered in Kent County) of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Prior to 1800 there were only three monthly meeting of the Eastern Shore and only the records of these two monthly meetings have survived. The minutes provide information not contained elsewhere: (1) This includes references to marriages, many of which were not recorded in the registers. (Sometimes the only reference is the initial declaration of the couple to marry or the latter recognition by the monthly that the marriage had been “orderly accomplished.”) (2) Names of family members sometimes appear in the minutes when certificates of removal are received or requested. For this period there are no surviving certificates of removal for either monthly meeting. (3) A few deaths not included in the register are found in the minutes. (4) Transgressions and complaints found in the minutes add color to your family history and sometimes provide a glimpse into their personal lives. 2001, 5½x8½, paper, 152 pp. 101-D025 ISBN: