Indian Captivities, or Life in the Wigwam


Being True Narratives of Captives Who have been Carried Away by the Indians from the Frontier Settlements of the U.S. from the Earliest Period to the Present Time

This fascinating narrative details the trials of men, women, and children captured by Indians from 1528 to 1836. The thirty-one captives whose stories are contained herein lived in nine states from Maine to Florida and as far west as Ohio. The author, one of the founders of The New England Historic and Genealogical Society, took great pains to preserve the original language while maintaining the proper grammatical structure of each narrative. One example of the narratives found in this work is the story of Sarah Gerish who, at the age of eight, was held captive by the Indians for six months. She was told that if she did not behave, she would be roasted, but was ultimately smuggled to Canada, ransomed, and finally returned to her family. The illustrations portray scenes of the daily lives of the Indians. The contents are chronological and an index is included.


Samuel A. Drake

(1850), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 396 pp.

ISBN: 9780788403668