Abstracts from Loudoun County, Virginia Guardian Accounts: Books A-H, 1759-1904


“Guardians were appointed for individuals, usually minors, who had inherited money or who were orphaned. The Guardian was to monitor and control the spending of funds in providing the necessities of the individual’s lifestyle while maintaining the funds principle. In the early years, Guardians were required to periodically present the Court with an accounting of income and expenditures. In later years, these presentations were requested every year. Proper receipts and voucher were required and the Guardian was usually compensated for his troubles with a small commission.”This volume contains abstracts taken from the microfilm available from The Library of Virginia covering Guardian Accounts Books A (1759–1823), B (1823–1837), C (1838–1852), D (1853–1859), E (1859–1870), F (1869–1875), G (1875–1886) and H (1886–1904). The author has included dates and items which she felt were of importance genealogically to give a better understanding of the individual’s life. She also included all references to slaves, which are indexed under the heading, Negro. A full-name index completes this work.


Patricia B. Duncan


(2000), 2012, 8½x11, paper, index, 140 pp.

ISBN: 9781585495900