Loudoun County, Virginia Will Book Abstracts, Books A-Z, Dec 1757-Jun 1841


Although books have previously been published covering various Will Book entries recorded since the creation of Loudoun County, Virginia in 1757, none has listed EVERY entry recorded during the first eighty-plus years. This book abstracts ALL appraisals, settlements, sales, wills and other miscellaneous documents from the Will Books A-Z series, for the period December 1757 to June 1841. These abstracts provide pertinent names and dates, including administrators, executors, appraisers, distributees and legatees, purchasers at sales, slaves, court order dates and date the item was received in court for recording. While these abstracts are arranged in page order as they appeared in the Will Books, entries for a particular individual are grouped together for easy reference. A separate Will section, arranged alphabetically, provides supplemental information to the previously published Index to Loudoun County, Virginia Wills, 1757-1850, by Louisa Skinner Hutchison. A full name index provides easy searching, with primary estate entries highlighted.

Patricia B. Duncan

(2000), 2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 324 pp.

ISBN: 9781585495979