Clarke County, Virginia Will Book Abstracts Books A - I (1836-1904) and 1A - 3C (1841-1913)

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Clarke County, Virginia Will Book Abstracts Books A - I (1836-1904) and 1A - 3C (1841-1913) - Patricia B. Duncan. This book contains abstracts of entries from the will books of Clarke County, Virginia, Books A-I (1836–1904) and Circuit Court Books 1A-3C (1841–1913). This work is divided into three sections: General Index to Entries, “which denotes the book: page where the will, appraisal/inventory, settlement account (or other account), and sale can be found;” Abstracts of Will Books A-I; and, Abstracts of Will Books 1A-3C. “These abstracts are designed to give an overview of each document, summarizing information and listing pertinent individuals, including mention of slaves and distributees. Purchasers (names with only initials not included) at the estate sale were included to help identify relatives and neighbors of the deceased. Entries for an individual of the same or very similar name are grouped together, while preserving relative order of all estate entries. Original spellings were used, while listing any given alternate spellings.” Abstracted information includes wills, appraisals, inventories, settlement accounts, other accounts, and sales. A list of abbreviations and a full-name index add to the value of this work. (2001), 2016, 8½x11, index, 300 pp. 101-D0679 ISBN: 1585496790