Kerrville Daily Times Obituary Index, 1925 to April 30, 1979


The Kerrville Daily Times began in late 1925 as the Kerrville Mountain View Times, and after a number of slight name changes over the years, is published now under its current title. Originally, as was the practice at the time, obituaries were scattered throughout the publication, but later issues placed obituaries together on a page.

Entries are arranged alphabetically, and include: name of deceased, date of newspaper, and page number. There are some missing papers in the early years, but the records are fairly complete through April 30, 1979. After that the papers are missing until April 1985. The obituaries in what few 1980-1985 newspapers that have been found are included in this publication.


Gloria C. Dozier 

2004, 5½x8½, paper, 344 pp.

ISBN: 9781585499007