The Johns Connections


With references to Ayer, Benjamin, Browder, Cadwalader, Calhoun, Davis, Edwards, Emanuel, Evans, Griffith, Harry, Hughes, Humphrey, James, Janeway, Jenkins, John, Jones, Lewis, Loftin, Lovelace, Miles, Moore, Morgan, Nunn, Olivier, Owen, Prichard, Pouncey, Rhys (Rhees), Rice, Richards, Roberts, Rogers, Sides (Seitz), Thomas, Townsend, Welsh, Wild, Williams, Wilson, Woodley, and many other related families


This book is an endeavor to pull together all of the existing historical and genealogical information on the Johns families, originating in Wales and settled primarily in Delaware, Pennsylvania and the Carolinas. The Welsh practice of using patronymic surnames has made thoroughly researching John family ancestry very difficult in the past. Until the mid-1800's, sons and daughters of Welsh parents would often take their father's given name as their surname with the addition of the prefix ap for males and verch for females. Further complications arise from the seemingly random substitution of the surname John with its Anglicized variant Jones, making even a single male line extremely difficult to trace. Each chapter of this text contains valuable genealogical data drawn from a variety of primary and secondary sources. The text begins with a brief overview of the family's origins in Wales, the association of the family name with English royalty, an explanation of the patronymic system and the resulting surname variations, the association of the family with the Quakers and the arrival of the Welsh Quakers in North America. The first Welshman to arrive in Philadelphia is credited as Thomas Sion [John] Evan (died c1707) who is thought to have been either brother or step-brother to Griffith John, the progenitor of this line. Information on each family member generally includes the subject's name and vital statistics, spouse's name and parentage, children, residences and occupations. Other relevant data is often included. Chapter 16 records Confederate Civil War vouchers bearing the John surname.


Helen Sides Dye


(1999), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 560 pp.

ISBN: 9780788412189