Sketch of the Dabneys of Virginia, With Some Of Their Family Records


Sketch of the Dabneys of Virginia, With Some Of Their Family Records - William H. Dabney. The author has collected and arranged letters from various family members living in the South, the Southwest, and the Northwest. John and Cornelius d’Aubigné, two Huguenot brothers, fled from France to Wales in 1685, departing from Wales for Virginia between 1715 and 1720. “The family records state that Charles, son of Robert d’Aubigné, from whom all the Dabneys of Massachusetts and their Fayal branch have come, was born in England previous to their coming over.” Robert d’Aubigné changed his name to Dabney after coming to America. Genealogical records are grouped into three branches: descendents of John d’Aubigné; descendants of George Dabney, and descendants of Cornelius d’Aubigné. Each branch is sub-divided by numbered chronological entries, which contain (where available) birth, death and marriage information for both male and female descendants with dates provided wherever known. Most records conclude with biographical and/or anecdotal “Observations,” and several entries include a chart of descendants. The index is divided into three parts then arranged numerically by record number, listing full names along with spouse, parents and generation. A biographical sketch of the author (1817–1888) by his daughter, Miss O. Frederica Dabney, supplements this work. (1888, 1999), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 208 pp .

ISBN: 9780788412424