Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1895 State Census, Part I: Alexandria-Junction


A complete transcription of the Hunterdon County 1895 State Census, Reel 34 filmed on 26 October 1988 for the New Jersey State Archives. This first volume covers eleven townships and over 16,900 people. The text details the information recorded in the first portion of the film: Alexandria Township, Bethlehem Township, Clinton Township and the town of Annandale, Clinton Borough, Delaware Township, East Amwell Township, Franklin Township, the Borough of Frenchtown, High Bridge Township, Holland Township, and the Borough of Junction. The 1895 population is grouped by township, and records are formatted: surname, given name, age by class (0-5, 5-20, 20-60, over 60), remarks, nationality, page number, dwelling house numbered in order of visitation, families numbered in order of visitation and number of person. Abbreviations for nationalities include: native born colored female, native born colored male, Irish born female, Irish born male, German born female, German born male, female of all other nationalities, male of all other nationalities, native born white female, and native born white male. The author provides information gathered from recapitulation sheets for each township including total number of dwellings, total number of families, and total number of persons. Two maps enhance this work.


Patricia B. Duncan 

(1999), 2012, 8½x11, paper, index, 222 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413100