Arizona Territory: Yavapai County Deed Records, 1864-1870


The Arizona Territory was created in February, 1863. Yavapai County was the largest of the four original counties organized at the first meeting of the territorial legislature in the fall of 1864. This text contains abstracts of Deed Books One, Two and Three A, located in the Yavapai County Court House in Prescott, Arizona, spanning the years 1864 through 1870. This was a time of great activity in the territory, with an influx of new settlers and mining parties rushing in to stake their claims on the land. Each entry begins with the page number where the original record can be found, followed by the names of the grantor, grantee or principle party involved, the date the transaction occurred, value of the transaction if known, and a brief description of the property. Entries are organized in page order of the original documents and all names associated with each transaction have been included. The comprehensive index of full names contains every spelling variation encountered by the author. A map showing the original four territorial counties (Mohave, Pima, Yavapai and Yuma) is included in the preface.

Charlotte Dean

2000, (2013), paper, 208 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416002