A Genealogy of the Family of Richard Howell of Mattituck, Southold Town, Long Island, New York to Seven Generations


The surname, Howell, is a patronymic, with at least five Howell families existing in America. All are said to be descended from, or otherwise related to, King Hywel the Good, the most famous of the early (tenth century) Welsh kings, but are not known to be inter-related. A John Howell, born c.1600, is said to have come to Connecticut about 1640, and to have been the father of Richard Howell. Richard Howell, the progenitor of one Howell family in the New World, was first mentioned in the Southold Town Records in a deed dated April 26, 1675. While the origins of the family of Richard Howell, of Mattituck, Southold Town, Long Island, New York, are shrouded in uncertainty and myth, the family itself was of some significance in the Colonial United States and later. Since the principle genealogy of this family, developed by Wilbur Franklin Howell, can only be found in a few locations as a set of several notebooks (not available in printed form) which contain discrepancies and errors, Mr. Donnelly has compiled a new genealogy of this family. Genealogical records cover seven generations, and include ample footnotes, plus numerous excerpts from wills and other original documents. Records include (as available) names of parents, date and place of birth, name of spouse, name(s) and birth date(s) of children, plus miscellaneous data. Information has been gleaned and compiled from cemetery markings, church records, town records, wills, deeds, census records, family papers, and newspapers to create this valuable resource.


Thomas H. Donnelly


(2000), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 604 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416538