The New Dudley Genealogies: The Descendants of Francis of Concord [Massachusetts]


This is the second in a series of new genealogies about the Dudley family, and follows the same format as the first. This compilation follows the branch of Dudleys that sprang from Concord, Massachusetts, and is quite unique in that almost nothing is known of its founder, Francis Dudley, who is first mentioned in Concord in 1663. It is also one of the first branches of the Dudley family to follow the Westward Expansion, moving to Wisconsin, Ohio, Washington State, and California. They tended to have more farmers, and for the most part, fewer scholars than the previously covered branch from Guilford, Connecticut. It is, then, more middle class than some of the other branches of the family. The descendants of this line are traced through eleven generations, up to the 1990s. The monumental History of the Dudley Family was published by Dean Dudley in eleven volumes during the years 1886–1894. These new Dudley genealogies are based upon his work, but use currently available materials to clarify, substantiate, and correct that complicated history. Best of all, each of the new volumes deals with only one branch of the family in one volume. In the older work, information on the various branches was spread throughout all eleven volumes. Additionally, all information in this volume has been checked against town vital records to ensure its accuracy, and is supplemented by an extensive bibliography. This work follows the Register format most familiar to genealogists. It is divided into generations for ease of use, and a full-name index is included.

Rev. Gary P. Dudley

(2000, 2012), 2019, 8½x11, paper, index, 176 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416552