Cecil County, Maryland Marriage References, 1674-1824


Over 6200 marriages are listed in this volume compiled from over 25 different sources. This book would make an excellent starting point for your Cecil County research. Each entry lists the source, so you can find those land records, probate records, etc. with ease. This book is a comprehensive compilation of marriage references, actual and implied, in Cecil County, MD for its first 150 years from 1674 when the county separated from Baltimore County through 1824. It is much more than just names and dates. In many instances the reader will find births and deaths, names of parents, children, and other relatives, places of residence and burial, military service information, and places of residence and burials.

These marriage references were gleaned from licenses, land records, probate records (wills, accounts, inventories, and distributions), bibles, church records, tombstone inscriptions, newspapers, military records, and family histories. Marriages were also found in nearby New Castle County, Delaware and in Chester and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania. It should be noted that in some cases the dates of marriage are precise dates while in other cases, due to the lack of actual marriage records, they are approximate or undetermined.

Henry C. Peden Jr, and Veronica Clarke Peden

2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 358 pp.