Somerset County, Maryland Marriage References and Family Relationships, 1666-1800


This volume is a comprehensive compilation of marriage references, actual and implied, in Somerset County, Maryland (and early Worcester County) from its formation in 1666 through 1800. Marriages were gleaned from published license books, land records, probate records (wills and administration accounts), court records (judgments and indentures), military pension records, church records (marriages, births and baptisms), bible records, newspapers, some family histories and other documented secondary sources. This book is much more than just names and dates. In many instances the reader will find dates of birth and death, names of parents, children, siblings, other relatives, places of residence, occupations, military ranks, and other information. In many cases there is ample information about family relations to enable the researcher to establish a family lineage chart for three generations. Marriages have also been noted for some persons who resided in other countries, states, and counties and had Somerset County connections. The reader should also note that some of the Somerset County residents migrated from Accomack County, Virginia.

Lyndeth Esgar

2013, 8½x11, paper, index, 296 pp.