The Wickersham Family in America


This prominent Quaker family played an important role in the settlement of America from Pennsylvania to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Wickershams were also active in the causes of antislavery and civil rights, women's suffrage and women's rights, temperance and education. A fascinating historical essay by Dr. Yoder provides an early history of the Wickershams in England and America. This impressive family history records over 12,000 individuals beginning with Thomas in 1660 and continuing by generations down to the present. Many photographs. With Historical Introduction by Dr. Don Yoder.

Gay Wickersham Davis, Ph. D.; Helen Sheldon, M. A.; Patricia Escalante, B.A.

(2001, 2004), 2021, 8½x11, case-laminate, index, 996 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418730