Deaths at Auburn Prison, Cayuga County, New York, 1888-1937


With a foreword by Auburn Correctional Facility Historian, Michael Pettigrass. Every family has its black sheep that seem to defy the research efforts of family researchers and genealogists. For instance, the majority of prison inmates pass away without any mention in the news or even an obituary notice. An entire class of records, including records from prisons, poorhouses, asylums and hospitals, are seldom accessed by researchers not because they cannot be accessed but because the researcher must not only know where to look to find these records, but he or she must also have traced their mystery ancestor to the point where they know that their name will be found in a certain record, file or register and in many cases this is nearly impossible to do. This unique family history resource contains entries for approximately 700 persons who died in Auburn Prison between 1888 and 1937, with the added bonus of a fullname index. Records are arranged chronologically. Part One, records for 1888-1895, contain name, place of birth, date and time of death, crime, term of sentence, race, cause of death, and remarks. Part Two, records for 1896-1910, contain name, date of death, name of relative, residence of relative, by whom claimed for interment, to whom or to what institution delivered, and date of delivery. Part Three, records for 1921-1937, follows the format of Part One.


Mark W. DeLawyer


2003, 5½x8½, paper, index, 165 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419188