The Saint Lawrence [Canada]: Its Basin and Border-Lands


A must for those interested in history and geography. Dawson sets out to relate the chief facts pertaining to the discovery and exploration of the northeastern part of the continent of North America. He begins with a geographical sketch of the area, followed by an introductory chapter, and a review of John Cabot's first two voyages, the second of which ended in disappointment. Additional chapters discuss the Corte-Reals and Portuguese Discovery, Mythical Pre-Columbian Discoveries, Private Adventurers-Cabot to Cartier, the Voyage of Verrazano, the Voyage of Stephen Gomez, Results of Exploration up to Jacques Cartier's First Voyage, Cartier's First, Second, and Third Voyages, Cartier to Champlain, Samuel de Champlain, Champlain in Quebec, Champlain in Ontario, Exploration of the West from Champlain to the Dispersion of the Huron's, Exploration Resumed and Possession Taken for France, Jolliet and La Salle-the Mississippi Valley Unveiled, Hennepin and Dulhut-Western Exploration Continued, Exploration to the North and East, Occupation of the St. Lawrence Valley, and Occupation of the Atlantic Coast. Over 40 illustrations, 3 fold out maps and a new subject/fullname index compliment this work. One of the foldouts is a map of the Saint Lawrence Basin.

Samuel Edward Dawson

(1905) 2003, paper, index, 565 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422522