Called by the North


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Extraordinary Adventures of the Fur Trade, Shipbuilders, Navigators and Traders in Northwestern Canada and Alaska

Following the collapse of whaling in Canadian western Arctic waters at the start of the 1900s, vessels facing the perilous voyage around the Alaskan Peninsula came in pursuit of Arctic fur trade. They came initially from the old whaling ports of California and settled locations in Alaska, but after 1914 also from Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. The vessels included those owned — or in support of — large fur trading companies and also those of adventurers bent on making their fortunes in the rich trade. Arctic transportation was also provided by expansion of the existing Mackenzie River system from the interior of Canada through the Boreal Forest and Mackenzie Delta. This book provides a fascinating account of the ships, shipbuilders and navigators of these waterways, and how the Arctic fur trade, pioneered by American entrepreneurs, was finally taken over by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Expanding eastward, the Company achieved many Arctic “firsts.” In 1930 a relay of company vessels successfully made the first west to east transit of the Northwest Passage; and several fur trading posts developed into permanent northern settlements. These, and many other intriguing stories, are enriched through 193 photographs, maps and diagrams; appendices; a bibliography; and an index to full names, places, and subjects, all adding value to this unique work.

George Duddy

2022, 6x9, paper, index, 324 pp.

ISBN: 9780788424007