General Henry Lewis Benning: "This was a man," A Biography of Georgia's Supreme Court Justice and Confederate General


Henry L. Benning is justly included in Northern's Men of Mark in Georgia, yet little is known of this remarkable man. Why was a federal military installation named after him? Why did his former slaves openly adore and respect him? What did he do to deserve such admiration from such a diverse multitude of people? This story answers these questions and also explores political affairs, court cases and societal issues such as slavery and religion. In the courtroom and on the field of battle, Henry Benning fought diligently for his beliefs. During the epic struggle for Southern independence, General "Old Rock" Benning's men proudly followed him into the mortal hell of battle, repeatedly and with great distinction. Benning's brigade contributed to Confederate victories in both eastern and western theaters. While Benning excelled as a military leader, his skills in the arena of law are legendary as well. Prior to the war, he served his home state of Georgia as a Solicitor General of the Chattahoochee circuit and as Justice of the Supreme Court. After the war, he returned to practice law in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia until his untimely death in 1875.

J. David Dameron

(2001, 2002), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 464 pp.

ISBN: 9780788424441