City of Norfolk, Virginia Marriage Records, 1850-1859


Norfolk was first created as a town by Nicholas Wise’s deed for 50 acres, on August 16, 1682. In 1736 it was changed to the “Borough of Norfolk”. It was named Norfolk after the county in which it was situated, then a part of what was called Lower Norfolk County, which comprised the present Norfolk County aka the City of Chesapeake, and Princess Anne County aka the City of Virginia Beach. Upper Norfolk County was later changed to Nansemond County aka Suffolk County. In 1845 it became the City of Norfolk, which lies at the mouth of the James and Elizabeth Rivers and Chesapeake Bay.

This book contains marriage records from 1850–1859. The listings are presented in a convenient table format. Because the records were gradually changing from minister returns and marriage bonds to the marriage register and the introduction of the evolving license during this period, the author felt it necessary to keep the listings in date order. Therefore, there are two indexes in alphabetical order, one for the groom and one for the bride, which leads you to the date of marriage, instead of the page number. The records were obtained from the courthouse records, marriage bond, marriage register, and marriage license which is reflected in the first column. The columns include date of marriage, full names of groom and bride, race, age of parties, marital status, place of birth of both parties, names of parents for both parties (when available) and name of the minister. Also included, when available, in the final column is an indication if the marriage appeared in the newspaper as a paid, line item, or article.

Kristina Deluise

(?), 2024, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 108 pp.

ISBN: 9780788427602