Virginia Regimental Histories Series: 1st Battalion Infantry, 39th Battalion Cavalry, 24th Battalion Partisan Rangers, 1st Edition


“This series is dedicated to the men who served in Virginia Units during the War Between the States. It is the purpose of this series to preserve, as part of our heritage, the deeds and sacrifices of these men.”

The first portion of the book provides a detailed history for each of the three battalions: the 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry (the Irish Battalion) — from their organization in May 1861 to the release from prison of their last members in August 1865; the 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry (July 1862 to April 1865); and the 24th Battalion Virginia Partisan Rangers (organized on May 23, 1862, under the leadership of Major John Scott). The histories are followed by an alphabetically arranged Muster Roll for each battalion. Entries vary in length and may include (as available): full name, rank and regiment, date of birth, occupation (pre-war), age, date and place of enlistment, significant dates and places while serving, date of discharge/release/AWOL/WIA/DOW/KIA, date and place of death, and place of burial. Some entries list education, transfers, promotions, capture, type of injury, name(s) of relative(s), and/or other related information. Maps, vintage photographs, and a bibliography add to the value of this work.

Robert J. Driver Jr.

(1996), 2023, 6x9, paper, alphabetical, 180 pp.

ISBN: 9780788430039