Richmond Local Defense Troops, C.S.A. [Confederate States Army]

The defense troops of Richmond, Virginia were a key component of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War. They contributed to the defense of Richmond and protected the Confederate capital from Union attack. The organization of the Battalion, and mobilization of the defense troops and their crucial role in the war are documented in this work. An article from the Richmond Enquirer is also included in this publication, as well as muster rolls, prisoner of war camps, cooks for the 25th battalion, and business firms manufacturing for the confederacy. The muster rolls are sourced mainly from the Compiled Service Records in the National Archives, which contain information on the date and place of enlistment, rank, age, and occupation. Records of leave, hospitalization, documentation of capture and exchange, discharges, and other relevant details are also included.

Robert J. Driver Jr.

(2011), 2023, 6x9, paper, alphabetical, index, 970 pp
ISBN: 9780788430190