Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders Series: Lexington and Rockbridge County in the Civil War, 2nd Edition


This series is dedicated to the State of Virginia and all of her people who lived during the War Between the States. It is the purpose of this series to preserve, as a part of our heritage, the deeds and sacrifices of these Virginians.

Chapters include: “Like the Muttering Thunder Before The Storm” 1859-61, “Old Rockbridge Is Thoroughly Aroused” 1861, “Costly Victories” 1862, “The Loss Was Irreparable” 1863, “Rockbridge Invaded” 1864, “An End To Valor” 1865-66, and Epilogue. Rosters list full names for men who served in First Rockbridge Artillery; Rockbridge Dragoons, Company C, 1st Virginia Cavalry; Rockbridge Men in Other Companies of the First Virginia Cavalry; Second Rockbridge Artillery; Rockbridge Grays, Company H, 4th Virginia Infantry; Liberty Hall Volunteers, Company I, 4th Virginia Infantry; Boys Company, Junior Reserves, Company F, 4th Battalion Virginia Reserves; Soldiers from Rockbridge County Who Served in the 5th Virginia Infantry; Rockbridge Soldiers Who Served in the 11th Virginia Cavalry; Valley Regulators, Company K, 11th Virginia Infantry; Valley Cavalry or Rangers, Company C, 14th Virginia Cavalry; Second Rockbridge Dragoons, Company H, 14th Virginia Cavalry; Rockbridge Guards, Company H, 25th Virginia Infantry; Rockbridge Rifles, Company H, 27th Virginia Infantry; Company B, 27th Virginia Infantry; Company C, 27th Virginia Infantry; Company D, 27th Virginia Infantry; Company E, 27th Virginia Infantry; Company F, 27th Virginia Infantry; Company G, 27th Virginia Infantry; 52nd Virginia Infantry; Kerr’s Creek Confederates, Company G, 58th Virginia Infantry; several other units; Rockbridge Rangers; Rockbridge County Senior Reserves; Home Guards of Rockbridge County; Rockbridge County Men Who Served in Units Raised in Other Counties and or States; Civil War Veterans of Rockbridge County – Units Unknown; and, Virginia Military Institute Graduates and Cadets from Rockbridge County and Staff during the War Not Otherwise Identified. Photographs, maps, two appendices, a bibliography, and an index to full-names, places and subjects add to the value of this work.

Robert J. Driver, Jr.

(1989), 2023, 6x9, paper, alphabetical, index, 184 pp.

ISBN: 9780788430282