Virginia Regimental Histories Series: 1st Virginia Cavalry, 2nd Edition


“This series is dedicated to the men who served in Virginia Units during the War Between the States. It is the purpose of this series to preserve, as part of our heritage, the deeds and sacrifices of these men.”

This publication provides a compelling look into the experiences of the men who fought in the 1st Virginia Cavalry during the American Civil War. Muster rolls sourced mainly from the Compiled Service Records in the National Archives, which contain information on the date and place of enlistment, hospital, prisoner of war, clothing and equipment receipts, and other miscellaneous materials are included, as well as the ages, prewar and postwar occupations, and domiciles of former soldiers. This work also offers photographs of several soldiers, as well as a chart of casualties for each company.

Robert J. Driver, Jr

(1991), 2023, 6x9, paper, alphabetical, index, 274 pp.

ISBN: 9780788430312