Orphans' Court Proceedings of New Castle County, Delaware, April 1778-July 1787


Contains detailed abstracts from Book F. These records reveal not only the names of minors (girls under age 18 and boys under 21) but the names of the guardians which could be the mother, father (in the case of property left to the children by one other than the father), and husbands (when married to a girl under 18). Other information includes the name of subsequent husband of the widow, accountings by the executors or administrators of the estate, valuations of the land, and division of the land. The eldest son is specified since he received two shares to his siblings one share. Example of an entry (condensed): Richard Dinniss and his wife Hannah, late Hannah Coates, one of the daughters of Mary Coates, late Mary Hale, set forth that Mary Hale married John Coates, late of Philadelphia, bricklayer. She died seized of 282 acres; her husband died soon thereafter. Her children are named along with the husbands of her daughters. A deceased daughter is also named. A wealth of information.

Sarah Deakyne Burke

2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 255 pp.