The Cahills of Cincinnati and Related Families, Including the Doanes of Osborne County, Kansas, and the Davises of Lee County, Iowa


The first three parts of this book attempt to trace the descendants of three separate and apparently unrelated Cahill families which are nevertheless linked through marriages into the Mullane family of Cincinnati.

Part I - by far the largest part - deals with the descendants of the centenarian James Cahill, who came to the New World in 1820 and in the 1830’s settled as a farmer in Delhi Township of Hamilton County, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati (many of his descendants lived in the city itself). One of this James Cahill’s granddaughters, Amelia Cahill (Mrs. Eleazar Bales Doane), became mother to such a prolific family that it seemed advisable to take note of her family on the title page even though it has not been separated from the rest of Part I. Another descendant of James Cahill the Centenarian, Mary L. Cahill, married John Joseph Mullane.

Part II deals with the family of James Joseph Cahill, one of whose granddaughters, Alice Cahill, married Arthur Gerald Mullane, a stepson of the above-mentioned Mary (Cahill) Mullane.

Part III covers the descendants of Lawrence Blair Cahill, whose son Lawrence married Alicia Mullane, the only daughter of the above-mentioned John Joseph Mullane by his second wife, Mary (Cahill) Mullane. A chart of Cahill-Mullane relationships is printed on page viii, and a sketch of the Mullane family (the glue which holds Parts I, II, and II of the book together) appears in the notes to #107. There is another small link between the Cahill families of Parts I and II through marriages of members of these two families into the Hosty family.

Part IV consists of the descendants of Elizabeth (Wallace) Cahill and her second husband, John Davis, of Lee County, Iowa.

Richardson Dougall

1990, 8½x11, paper, index, 322 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788436116