Harrison County, West Virginia, Deed Records, 1785-1810


Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) was created from Monongalia County, Virginia, in 1784. In its turn, Harrison County later became the parent of several modern counties. The deed records abstracted in this book can be found in Harrison County Deed Books 1 to 8. The abstracts give the following information: date of transaction; page in the deed book; name(s) of grantor(s); place of residence of grantor(s); name(s) of grantee(s); place of residence of grantee(s); sales price; area of land involved; location of land; neighbors; chain of deed; other landmarks; signature of grantor(s); signatures of witnesses and others; date the deed was recorded.

John D. Davis

(1993), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, 510 pp.

ISBN: 9781556138065