She Came from West Virginia, A Historical Novel of the Civil War


The formation of the state of West Virginia was filled with drama and intrigue. The Virginias separated during the Civil War and this book chronicles the actions of some of the leaders of loyal Virginians who carved the new state of West Virginia out of the Old Dominion. This is a vivid portrait of a people who were, firstly, Virginians loyal to the United States, and only secondly, advocates of the creation of a new state. The depiction of living conditions, life situations, and viewpoints are the result of extensive research by the author. Numerous historical figures are woven throughout the narrative. Readers will experience the turmoil and political passion of the times through the eyes of Jeremiah Blake, his family and others in the Melford Creek community. Jeremiah is deeply religious, fascinated by his country's politics, and accepts the practice of slavery as "the way it is." Jeremiah's views are complicated when he is confronted by his young son's empathy for a young slave child being sold away from his mother. In contrast to his father's acceptance, Andy is horrified to learn that slaves are treated as livestock. Sam, a runaway slave boy, further challenges Jeremiah's views and earns the affection and respect of the entire Blake family.

Paul Dodd

(2006), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, 250 pp.

ISBN: 9780788440519