Confederate Sailors, Marines and Signalmen from Virginia and Maryland


This handy reference volume contains alphabetical listings of men from Virginia and Maryland who served as: Confederate Naval officers and sailors; Confederate Marine Corps officers and enlisted men; and Confederate Signal Corps officers, signalmen and telegraph operators. The amount of data included in individual entries varies greatly. In addition to the name, any combination of the following may be included: rank and division, date and/or place of birth, date and/or place of death, place of burial, occupation, residence, date and place of enlistment, date and/or place of discharge, physical description, and much more. A wealth of vintage photographs and a bibliography enhance the text.The officers and men who served in these sister services played an important role in the War Between the States. Maryland and Virginia officers serving in the United States Navy and Marine Corps, and the midshipmen attending the United States Naval Academy, resigned almost in mass and volunteered in their Confederate counterparts. Without a doubt the Confederacy received many of the brightest and best officers in the United States service. Marylander commanded the Signal Corps, and his staff was from both states. Most of the officers and men who served in the First and Second Companies, Independent Signal Corps, were from Virginia. The Secret Service fell under nominal command of Colonel Norris of the Signal Corps. However, the operatives were not regularly enrolled or paid, and they are, therefore, difficult to identify. Some were paid directly by the Confederate Treasury Department. The records of their service are sketchy, but some postwar accounts do exist. They and the telegraphers are added, but many who served in this capacity have not been identified.


Robert J. Driver, Jr


2007, 6x9, paper, alphabetical, 524 pp.

ISBN: 9780788442797