Kerr County, Texas Land Records, 1837-1927, Volume 2, L-Z

Kerr County, Texas Land Records, 1837-1927, Volume 2, L-Z
Gloria C. Dozier

This volume contains data gleaned from Kerr County, Texas, land records, 1837-1927. Records are alphabetically arranged by the surname of the grantee for L through Z surnames. Entries include: name of the grantee, name of the grantor, volume and page number, date of transaction, date transaction was filed, and document type. Many documents are listed in both the husband’s name and the wife’s name. Thus, a document listed for John Jones and W [wife], Book 10, page 350, will also be listed for Mary Jones and H [husband], Book 10, page 350. This volume, a goldmine of information in itself, will also aid researchers in locating land documents, which often provide a complete list of family members. Wills are often found in the land records to prove ownership of inherited property. Some of the land recorded in this book was originally from Spanish Land Grants, with the ownership carrying over into Statehood in 1846. Kerr County, Texas, was formed in 1856. It had previously been known as Bexar County.

2006, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 476 pp.