Guide and Index to the Republic of Texas Donation Voucher Files and Confederate Script Voucher Files, 1881-1883, in the Texas General Land Office


This is a guide and index finding aid to the Republic of Texas Donation Voucher Files, 1879-1887; and Confederate Scrip Voucher Files, 1881-1883. These two record sets at the Texas General Land Office can provide evidence of service in either the Texas Revolution or the Civil War on the Confederate side. In some cases, these documents are extremely fragile and no longer available to any researcher. In 1879, the Texas legislature passed the first act establishing the Republic of Texas Donation grants of land and the terms by which veterans would be able to qualify. In 1881, there was further clarification of the terms. The Confederate Scrip Vouchers are another post-Reconstruction act. They were designed to lessen the burden of poverty visited upon many ex-Confederate soldiers by Reconstruction, especially the infirm, crippled, or their surviving families. The documents submitted in support of the claim, when granted, constitute authentication "by notary or other qualified officer." The records are presented in two parts: Republic of Texas Donation Vouchers, 1879-1887; and Confederate Scrip Vouchers, 1881-1883. The records within each section are listed numerically, preceded by a surname index as an aid to researchers.

Texas General Land Office; Robert de Berardinis, editor

(2008), 2013, 8½x11, paper, 174 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447648