Guide and Indexes to the Conserved and Microfilmed Harris County, Texas Records


This slender volume is a must for anyone researching individuals who resided in Harris County, Texas, between 1886 and 1906. There is a wealth of material available and this handy research tool puts it at your fingertips. The seven volumes that comprise the Harris County Clerk's naturalization records only span a twenty year period (1886-1906), with a total of 840 pages of records. The remaining records are seemingly lost; however, the extant records have been properly conserved and microfilmed. This guide and index finding aid completes the archival process. The Records of Oaths and Allegiances comprise three volumes for a total of 563 pages and span from October 27, 1891 to September 28, 1906. The Records of Final Naturalization also comprise three volumes for a total of 137 pages and span from December 4, 1886 to September 25, 1906. There is one volume of Declarations of Intent of 139 pages and it spans from November 1886 through September 1891. The Introduction by Robert Schaadt, C.A., Director, Sam Houston Regional Library, offers readers a brief history of immigration and naturalization in Texas. Several detailed photographs of original documents enhance the text.

Robert de Berardinis

(2008), 2013, 8½x11, paper, 56 pp.

ISBN: 9780788449062