Fairfax County, Virginia Birth Register, 1853-1879


The Virginia Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics has records of births from 1853 to present, with the exception of the years between 1896 and June 14, 1912, when there was no law requiring them. These records are based on an act passed by the Virginia General Assembly on April 11, 1853. This is the first in a two-volume series of transcriptions of microfilm reels number 14 (1853–1871), number 15 (1871–1896) and number 45 (1853–1869) Bureau of Vital Statistics, Births of Fairfax County, 1853–1896. Entries have been divided into two alphabetically arranged sections: Colored/Free/White Births; and Slave Births. Entries for Colored/Free/White Births include: surname, given name, race/sex, date of birth, place of birth, father, father's occupation, father's residence, mother, informant, any notation, page and line in register. Entries for Slave Births include: owner's name, slave/sex, slave's given name, date of birth, place of birth, mother, informant, page and line in register. There are no entries for 1860–1864 or 1866–1867. The appendix contains a listing of additional handwritten information that appeared on each page, such as year, district, and commissioner recording the information.


Patricia B. Duncan


2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 270 pp.

ISBN: 9780788452406