MackIntosh-MacIntosh-McIntosh: Descendants of Alexander -1 MacIntosh with the Kiff Connection, Revised Edition


MackIntosh - MacIntosh - McIntosh: Descendants of Alexander -1 Macntosh with the Kiff Connection. Revised Edition - Frances Sterling Drisko. This revised work contains a vast amount of new information, as well as corrections and updated information. Some families now include data to the tenth generation. This revised edition is divided into two sections: Mackintosh, MacIntosh, McIntosh genealogy; and Kiff genealogy. The first section is devoted to Mackintosh, MacIntosh, McIntosh genealogy and covers nine generations. The records open with the immigrant ancestor, Alexander-1 MacIntosh, a native of Inverness, Scotland, and most certainly descended from the historic line of MacIntosh and the Clan Chattan, who came to New York State c 1740; married the palatine Clara Younkhause/Junghans; and had five children: Alex-2, Simon, John, Magdalena, and Rachel. The Alexander-1 MacIntosh family began in New York, then Pennsylvania, and now has descendants in nearly every state of the union. The final page of this section is devoted to “Miscellaneous and Un-Attached American Records.” The second section, which covers eight generations of Kiff genealogy has been included due to the close relationship to the McIntosh line. Over a period of nearly seventy years, this compiler and others have gathered family data from relatives, historical books, and vital records. Thousands of names can be found in this work; names with considerable data include: Ayres, Boettger, Cease, Congdon, Cleveland, Covert, Freeman, Greenough, Howe, Lyon, Simmons, Smith, Tanner, Thomas, and Williams. Each section is complete with its own full-name index.

2012, 8½x11, paper, index, 348 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454479