Loudoun County, Virginia, Criminal Indictments: 1801-1843


Loudoun County, Virginia, Criminal Indictments: 1801-1843 - Patricia B. Duncan. A criminal indictment is a written statement charging an individual with committing a crime or other offense, drawn up by a prosecuting attorney and found and presented by a grand jury. It is a formal accusation initiating a criminal case and usually required for felonies and other serious crimes. This book contains a transcription of the 1801–1843 criminal indictment book located in the archives section of the courthouse in Leesburg, Virginia. Entries have been abstracted in full, and typically provide the date of the proceeding; details of the offense; name of the accused (and slave owner, if the accused is a slave), the victim, justices, attorney, witnesses, and security; and the court’s ruling on the case. A full-name index adds to the value of this excellent resource. 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 250 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455018