The Bowker Family in America


Edmund-1 Bowker and James-1 Bowker originally settled in Massachusetts, but their descendants moved north, east, south and west, so their descendants can be found in every state in the Union and many Canadian provinces. Edmund-1 and James-1 are probably related; but, after extensive research, the author was unable to prove a definite link, so they have been treated separately. This book contains valuable genealogical information pertaining to these descendants: births, deaths, marriages, etc., plus any other pertinent data that the author was able to locate. Both male and female lines are included. The first section contains the Edmund-1 Bowker line from the early 1600s to the present, with up to thirteen generations in some instances. The second section contains the James-1 Bowker line from about 1680 to the present, and covers about ten generations. There are a number of well-known early families that are related to the Bowker family; names such as Doten/Doty, and others of the Mayflower. The distinguished names of Bigelow, Brigham, Bruce, Clapp, Fairchild, Forbush, Gates, Hapgood, Holbrook, Howe, Lund, Metcalf, Shattuck, Spaulding, and many more are included in this genealogy. Revolutionary War and Civil War participants are noted, as well as human interest stories. There are approximately 25,000 individuals named in this fully-indexed work.

Frances Sterling Drisko

2015, 8½x11, paper, index, 512 pp.

ISBN: 9780788456015