Augusta County, Virginia Confederate Soldiers


This book honors the Confederate soldiers who served their county, state, and country during the War for Independence. Few of them owned slaves or considered slavery a major issue causing the war. They joined the conflict to relieve themselves of the economic and political domination of the Northern states, and unfair tariffs on their products. They were, for the most part, not secessionists, but they refused to be pressured into furnishing men, material, or allowing the Federal army to march through Virginia to force South Carolina and the other states in rebellion, back into the Union. This book is meant to establish a permanent record of their service and sacrifice for the cause they believed in.

Every effort to complete the muster rolls of all the soldiers of Augusta County has been made, but it is far from complete. The rosters contained in the Virginia Regimental Series, whose rolls were made up from the Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers in the National Archives, are the primary sources. The quality of these records varies from unit to unit and many end months before April, 1865. Companies mustered for pay every two months, and some of these muster rolls have not been found. The Augusta County rosters, which contain the names of most of the men, but not all of them, have been used. Those who were attending college in Virginia are, in some cases, identified with their school.

The genealogical information on some of the Confederate soldiers has been published in family histories, census data, postwar and war-time muster rolls, pension records, newspapers, and other sources. Several variations of spelling of surnames have been found, but those listed on tombstones have been given preference.

Entries vary in length and may include (as available): full name, rank and regiment, date of birth, occupation (pre-war), age, district in 1860 Census, date and place of enlistment, significant dates and places while serving, date of discharge/release/AWOL/WIA/DOW/KIA, height, complexion, eye color, hair color, 1870 census, 1910 census, date and place of death, and place of burial. Some entries list education, transfers, promotions, capture, type of injury, name(s) of relative(s), and/or other related information. A bibliography adds to the value of this work.

Robert J. Driver, Jr.


ISBN: 9780788457678