Cemetery Inscriptions of Dennis, Massachusetts


There are a number of ancient cemeteries in the town of Dennis, which evolved from either Indian burial grounds or family plots. In addition to these, town cemeteries were established at several locations near the original meeting houses and elsewhere. The various gravestone inscriptions were originally recorded by Pauline Frances (Wixon) Derick of South Dennis. Recordings by others were also found and included in the compilation. Where the stones are slate (or of ancient design), a description of the stone is included. All inscriptions and epitaphs are as complete as possible. The oldest stones date from the early 1700s with information regarding the earliest settlers in the region. The cemeteries that are included in this book are: Howes, Dennis Village (map), Hall, Scargo Indian, Paddock, Worden, Quivet, Sears (map), Quaker, Ancient South Dennis, South Dennis Congregational Church (map), West Dennis (maps of parish ground and Methodist church sections), Baker, Wixon, Swan Lake (map), and West Harwich Baptist Church. The cemetery maps and an every-name index make available as yet unpublished information for anyone researching New England families, specifically those of Cape Cod ancestry. Dennis was the East Parish of Yarmouth until 1793.


Burton Nathaniel Derick


(1993), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 586 pp.

ISBN: 9781556139017