State of the Accounts of the County Lieutenants During the War of the Revolution, 1777-1789, Volume One, Part A


These accounts give the names of individuals owing money to the State of Pennsylvania, the amount paid, and the "disbursement and appropriation of the monies thus collected". Some, or all, of the money resulted from fines issued for "non-performance of militia duty and exercise". These records "may at first glance appear to be mainly statistical, but in reality contain much that will give an insight into the struggle for independence." Originally one volume, Egle's State of the Accounts has been split into two, each to be published separately by Heritage Books, Inc. This is the first volume which includes A Brief View of the Treasury of Pennsylvania, 1775-1781, and State of the Accounts of the Treasury of Pennsylvania, 1782-1785.


William H. Egle  

(1896), reprint, paper, appendix, new index, 387 pp.

ISBN: 9780788401572