Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers, Volume 2, 1803-1812


Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers, Volume 2, 1803-1812 - Sherida K. Eddlemon. This second volume of Tennessee newspaper abstracts contains information gathered from seven papers published in the early 1800s in Tennessee. The material abstracted includes the marriage and death notices which are commonly noted in collections such as this, but which in actuality comprise a very small portion of the personal notices to be found in early newspapers. The goal in this compilation has been to note every name of every local resident which would help to place a particular person in a particular place at a particular time. Thus, this work is much more complete than the usual collection of newspaper abstracts, and covers a broad spectrum of other items such as letters remaining at the post office, estrays, public land sales, signers of letters to the editor, lists of delinquent taxpayers, announcements of all kinds of goods and services for sale or wanted for purchase, notices of runaway spouses and slaves, and more! Each entry gives the name of a principal and a summary of the context in which his or her name is given. The issue of the paper is given and there is a complete surname index to the thousands of people mentioned. The newspapers abstracted are: The Carthage Gazette and Friend of the People, 1809; The Nashville Whig, 1812; The United States Herald, 1810; Wilson’s Knoxville Gazette, 1807-1809; The Newspaper and Washington Advertiser, 1803-1804; The Carthage Gazette, 1810-1811; The Democratic Clarion and Tennessee Gazette, 1810-1811.

(1989), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 250 pp.

ISBN: 9781556132155