The Essex Genealogist, Volume 4, 1984

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The Essex Genealogist, Volume 4, 1984 - Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc. Feature Articles: "Do Your Homework Before Coming to Ireland," "The Boston Irish," "Research in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island," "Utilizing Land Records in Genealogical Research." Research in Progress: Giles Burley, Lee family, Mae Wilson, Pierce, Henry Rhodes of Lynn, Perkins/Swain, Moses Lufkin of Ipswich and Gloucester, Procter family, Cogswell/French, Sarah Wildes. Other family names featured: Gile, Graham, Bixby (Szabronski), Esty (McKinney), Bartlett, Holyoke, Daland, Haskell, Dole (Jackson), Merrill (Goulette), Pease, Parsons, Whitman (Lawler), Fitch, Ayers, Amesbury, Hayden (Martino), Woodman, Eakin (Smith), Spiller. (1984) reprint, 8½x11, new index, illus., 266 pp. 101-E0466 ISBN: 0788404660