Obituaries of Benton County, Arkansas, Volume 8, 1926-1927


Compiled by edited by Barbara P Easley and Verla P. McAnelly. This eighth in the series of Benton County obituaries by sisters Barbara and Verla continues to provide a printed time capsule of the lives of the people of Benton County, AR, and of many of their relatives and friends in other areas. As in previous volumes, chapters are identified by calendar years and, within each year, the obituaries are alphabetically arranged by the deceased's name. Maiden names are included when known. News items with family information have been included if such information was not furnished in the original obituary. Information for the obituaries and articles was supplied by: verbal reports from visitors to the newspapers; letters from community correspondents; obituaries furnished by family, friends or church pastors; published probate and estate records; eulogies or memorials from lodges and other organizations; and reports in other newspapers. An everyname index makes finding people easy. These obituaries are an important resource to genealogists and historians interested in Benton County.


Barbara P Easley and Verla P. McAnelly 

1996, 5½x8½, paper, index, 418 pp.

 ISBN: 9780788404702