Missouri Birth and Death Records, Volume 2


Missouri Birth and Death Records, Volume 2 - Sherida K Eddlemon.

Registration of births and deaths in the state of Missouri began as early as 1863. From 1883 to 1893 county clerks were required by law to register all births and deaths in the state. Although registration was required, the law was not enforced resulting in many counties recording very few births and deaths for this period. Statewide compliance with the law would not be achieved until 1911. Alternate sources such as church, military, cemetery and probate records, tax lists, and newspapers are therefore the researcher's main tools for establishing Missouri birth and death dates. This volume is the second in a series devoted to these alternate sources of vital records. Birth and death records are presented in alphabetical order and are drawn from sources in sixty-eight Missouri counties. An index of hidden surnames is also included.

(1999, 2008), 2019, 5½x8½, paper, index, 230 pp

ISBN: 9780788411472