The Essex Genealogist, Volume 18, 1998


This series collects the quarterly journals of the Essex Society of Genealogists into convenient yearly volumes. Essex County, Massachusetts, is a region of genealogical interest to many people across the country, and the Society’s journal has been an important source of information for its subscribers since it was founded in 1981. Each volume contains articles related to Essex County or to genealogical research in general. Recurring highlights of the journals include the “TEG Feature Article,” “It Happened in Essex County” (local history), “Crest and Shield” (heraldry information), “Tools of the Trade” (advice on genealogical resources), “The Ahnentafel” (family generational charts), “Research in Progress,” “Ask TEG,” “Society News,” “Genealogical Queries,” and original poetry. While there is enough general information and advice included to make this book valuable for anyone interested in genealogy, those with genealogical interest specific to Essex County, Massachusetts, could not hope for a better resource. The Society has created a new, full-name index for each volume.

In this volume: Feature Articles: “French-Canadian Genealogical Research,” “Preparing Lineages,” “Understanding Tombstones,” “Genealogies and Genealogical Notes from TEG,” “Migrations Out of New England.” Research in Progress: “Hugh Alley of Lynn and his Descendants,” “William Bassett Family of Lynn, Marblehead and New Jersey,” “Isaac Hart and Samuel Hart,” “The Hood Family of Lynn,” “William Knight of Lynn,” “Some Descendants of Jabez Hackett,” “Thomas Jones of Gloucester,” “Matthew Estes of Lynn and Salem,” “Henry Silsbee of Salem and Lynn, and his Descendants through his son Ephraim of Lynn,” “John Hale of Boxford, Mass. and Annapolis, Nova Scotia,” “Philip and Nathaniel Kirtland of Lynn,” “John Divan of Lynn,” “The Lynn Descendants of Edward Baker,” “Joseph Parker of Andover,” “John Witt of Lynn,” “The Descendants of Francis Norwood of Gloucester,” “Thomas Norwood of Lynn, son of Francis Norwood of Gloucester,” “Theophilus Eaton of Salisbury, Mass. and His Descendants who Migrated to Maine,” “Joseph Browne of Lynn, son of Thomas and Mary (Newhall) Browne,” “The Armitage Brothers of Lynn and Boston,” “Joseph Parker of Andover -- conclusion.” It Happened in Essex County: “Groveland and the Hardys,” “Quaker Meetings in Essex County,” “Early Residents of Nahant,” “Hamlet to Hamilton,” “Haverhill -- Where Past is Present,” “The Haverhill Public Library,” “Is This Myth or Fact,” “Ipswich, The Grammar School and the Feoffees,” “John Endicott and the Red Cross Ensign.” Umbilical Line: Clayton R. Adams, Elizabeth Kendall (Enos) Frost, Ida (Smith) Kretschmar, “Elizabeth B. Davis.” Miscellaneous: “Indian Deeds to Salem and Lynn,” “Wood’s New England Prospects,” “Thoughts on Compiling a Family History,” “Essex County Stockholders of The Land Bank in 1740,” “The Land Bank and The Manufactory Company.”

Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc.

(2001), 2022, 8½x11, paper, index, 284 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418556