Pioneer Women of the West


Pioneer Women of the West - Mrs. Elizabeth F. Ellet.

This large volume contains biographical sketches of 58 women who moved across the Appalachian Mountains, after the Revolution, to settle in the vast country between Tennessee and Michigan that we now call the mid-west. A good deal of genealogical data is provided, as well as a woman's viewpoint into that interesting era in our history. The women included are: Ann Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Mrs. Anderson, Ann Bailey, Mary Bledsoe, Rebecca Boone, Jane Brown, Sarah Bryan, Eliza Bull (Mrs. Harazthy), Mrs. Carter, Lucy Chapin, Sylvia Chapin, Charlotte A. Clark, Mrs. Clendenin, Sarah Combs, Mrs. Comstock, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Denis, Jane Dick, Mrs. Dunham, Mary Dunlevy, Mrs. Edwards, Charlotte Geer (Mrs. Clark), Mrs. Glass, Mrs. Goodrich, Ruhama Greene, Elizabeth Harper, Ann Haynes, Rebecca Heald, Mary Heckewelder, Mrs. Helm, Anna Innis, Elizabeth Kenton, Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Lemen, Mrs. Lovejoy, Mrs. Mason, Mary McMillan, Mary Moore, Harriet L. Noble, Charlotte Robertson, Rebecca Rouse, Mary Ann Rumsey, Mrs. Scott, Catherine Sevier, Sarah Shelby, Sarah Sibley, Abigail Snelling, Mrs. Snow, Ruth Sparks, Louisa St. Clair, Mrs. St. John, Mrs. Talbot, Elizabeth Tappen, Sarah Thorp, Frances Trask, Mrs. Walworth, Sally Warth, Rebecca Williams, Sarah Wilson, and Mrs. Woodward. A few of the sketches were based on materials submitted to Mrs. Ellet by the subjects themselves, but most were compiled from material provided by their descendants. A new fullname index has been added.

(1873, 2002), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 446 pp.

 ISBN: 9780788421266