Pioneer Scrap-Book of Wood County, Ohio, and the Maumee Valley


The purpose of this book is to preserve to the people of Wood County and the Maumee Valley some of the historic facts and interesting incidents of its early days and to present them in an entertaining and readable form. Most of the articles come from the pen of Charles W. Evers. All history appealed to him, but the early struggles of Wood County pioneers was a chapter so replete with tragic interest, so tinged with romance, so filled with human endeavor and its achievement that it called forth his highest admiration. This is a fascinating collection of historical writings that conjure up images of log cabins, stockaded forts, French explorers and fur traders, Simon Kenton, the famous war chief Tecumseh, frontier battles, the War of 1812, and famous military leaders such as Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne, the hero of the battle of Fallen Timbers. You can turn to any page in this delightful book and just start reading. The articles are presented in no particular order, but cover such interesting subjects as the Cholera Scourge in 1854, a pioneer bride's invitation to dine on Coon Pot Pie with local Indians; Harrison's campaign of 1840 including a gathering at Fort Meigs, tragic fires, Indian wars, wolves, an almost impenetrable bog called "The Devil's Hole;" sensational local murder tales, the River Raisin Massacre, the death of Tecumseh at the Battle of the Thames in Canada, and much, much more. The book concludes with a biographical sketch of the author and a new fullname index.

Charles W. Evers

(1910), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 274 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421518