Early East Texas: A History from Indian Settlements to Statehood


Early East Texas: A History from Indian Settlements to Statehood - Joe Ellis Ericson. Focusing on the four Mexican Municipalities of Nacogdoches, San Augustine, Sabine, and Shelby (Tenaha), this work begins with a discussion of the early settlements and lifestyles of the local inhabitants and proceeds through Texas History with the founding of permanent European settlements, the Filibustering Years, the Fredonian Rebellion, the tranquil years in which civil governments were established, the battle of Nacogdoches, the 1832 Revolution, the Cordovan Rebellion, the Cherokee War, the Regulator-Moderator Feud, local affairs, education and religion, law and justice, physicians and medicines, lifestyles, amusements, architecture and daily life. A series of appendices provide the names and on occasion other information of some of the leading men who stamped their personalities on the region. These appendices include the East Texas Congress, District and County Judges, the East Texas Bar, Delegates to the Convention of 1836, and physicians. A bibliography and a full name + subject index round out this fascinating history, which should appeal to historians and genealogists alike. (2002), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 336 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421877