In Old South Hadley [Massachusetts]


A well written historical account of South Hadley, Massachusetts from its very beginning in 1632 up to the mid 1800s.This fine work opens by discussing the origins of the town of South Hadley, the six men who started the town, the acquisition of Mt. Holyoke, and the influence and support of the Montague family. Chapters Two and Three describe early life in the town. The distinctions between daily life then and now are readily apparent when one reads about the churns, keelers for washing dishes, mortars, eating utensils, etc. Weddings and funeral services are described as is the first burial place, the erection of a meetinghouse and library, and the gradual development of the town as witnessed in the description of the first pump maker and the delivery of the post. Subsequent chapters discuss education ('From Dame School to College'); the evolution of the church; the towns involvement with the 'Indians;' the role South Hadley played during the Revolution; life in South Hadley after the Revolution; and the traditional day-to-day life of early America such as the festivities and preparation leading up to Thanksgiving Day, and the traditional pastime of gathering in the chimney corner for story telling. The author concludes by discussing South Hadley Falls, the first navigable canal in the United States. This work is filled with over 45 beautiful illustrations, and is further complimented by the addition of a new every name index.

Sophie E. Eastman

(1912), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 334 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422218