Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 and Beyond, Volume 9


Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 and Beyond, Volume 9 - Sherida K Eddlemon. This ninth book in a series includes information on counties covered in the previous volumes and also information on newly created counties. Census records for Missouri started in 1830, but many travelers and permanent settlers were missed in the census years or only lived in the state between census years. The purpose of this collection is to help the researcher pinpoint his or her ancestors between the census years. Missouri was the gateway to the West. Both the Santa Fe Trail to the southwest and the Oregon Trail to the northwest began at Independence, Missouri. Settlers and new immigrants from Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Poland, Bohemia and Italy flooded into Missouri when statehood was granted in 1821. In the last half of the nineteenth century, more and more people flowed through Missouri on their way west to find gold. Kansas was part of the Missouri Territory until 1821, but it was not until 1854 that the Territory of Kansas was created, luring new immigrants and settlers from Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri. So many Missourians relocated to Kansas that in 1855 Kansas was voted into the Union as a slave state. Names appear here as written on the original records, including the abbreviations of given names. Sources include marriage records, obituaries, death registers, land patents, pensioners lists, business owners directories, officers of the Bar Association, Democratic County Committees, declarations of intent, and others. “Miscellaneous Missouriana” includes Missourians buried in Lamar County, Texas; Missouri Veterans; 1893 Nebraska Census; Miscellaneous Railroad Information; Missourians in the 1867-1869 Montague County and Hood County, Texas Voters List; and Missouri Songwriters and Lyricists. The following counties are covered: Andrew, Atchison, Barry, Buchanan, Clark, Clay, St. Louis, and Shelby. (2004), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 256 pp.

ISBN: 9780788425448