The Essex Genealogist, Volume 22, 2002


This series collects the quarterly journals of the Essex Society of Genealogists. Recurring highlights of the journals include the "TEG Feature Article," "It Happened in Essex County" (local history), "Tools of the Trade" (advice on genealogical resources), "The Ahnentafel" (family generational charts), "Research in Progress," "Society News," and "Genealogical Queries." While there is enough general information and advice included to make this book valuable for anyone interested in genealogy, those with genealogical interest specific to Essex County, Massachusetts, could not hope for a better resource.Just a few of the many articles in this volume include: Feature Articles: "Worcester County Resources," "Canadian Maritime Migration," "Using Military Records for Genealogical Research," "Not Quite Right: Recognizing Errors in Primary and Secondary Sources;' Research in Progress: "The Atwell Family," "The Achsah Peabody Story," "William Whitrige of Ipswich," "Descendants of Walter Rhodes;" It Happened in Essex County: "McIntire Country," "From Sandy Bay to Rockport," "Rowley: Mr. Ezechi Rogers' Plantation," "Licensed Innkeepers and Retailers of Spirituous Liquors in the Town of Gloucester, 1783-1835;" Moments in History: "Henry Kimble Oliver," "Salem, 1845," "Joe Froggers," "Early Salem Immigrants." Other family names featured in this volume include: Benjamin Standley, Huldah P. Kimball, Dorothy Blount Battersby, Harrison Morrill Pattee, Elbert Gardner Fellows, Robert Nathan Foster, and Richard Carr Rogers. Charming illustrations, maps and a full name index augment the text.

Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc.

(2002), 2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 266 pp.

ISBN: 0788438328